The Prequel Film “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” Reaches Its Expressive Limit

Prequels, particularly for notable properties, are restraints which limit their own narrating prospects. The fact that the audience frequently knows where these characters (and storylines) will end up hinders dramatic license. Additionally, viewers who are likely aware that what’s happening now contradicts what they’ve already seen can be jarred by any violence to the existing narrative. Strange New Worlds has…

SLE Receives Award For Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival In Entertainment Reimagined

According to Jamie Morris LeVine, Steve LeVine Entertainment & Public Relations has produced thousands of events, but the Chandler Chamber Ostrich Festival stands out as a standout among them. It is also important to the nation because the event recently won the Informa Connect Special Event Gala Awards in Orlando for best multiple-day event program for a corporation or association….