Why Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Should Put Durability Before Features

Why Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 Should Put Durability Before Features

The fact that foldable phones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 aren’t as durable or sturdy as regular phones is assumed to be the case. Since the original Galaxy Fold, this is how foldables have always been. However, Samsung should have made a foldable phone for the fifth generation that you don’t have to handle with kid gloves.

It’s not by any means the only thing Samsung could do with enhancing its foldables. Battery life and Samsung’s apparent slowness in making changes frustrate even its own employees. Naturally, you would never turn down faster charging or cameras with more power. But if you’re buying a foldable, these are probably things you can compromise on. One of them should not be durability.

When You saw a rumour that the Galaxy Z Fold 5’s hinge will be made lighter and more dust-proof at the expense of how effectively Flex Mode performed, it’s something that came to mind. If you’re not familiar, Flex Mode enables the Z Fold and Z Flip to expand at various angles between fully open and closed, allowing the phone to stand up on its own. Have utilised it when I’ve had time with earlier Galaxy Z Folds and found it useful for watching videos or setting up a temporary tripod for photography.

My initial reaction was disappointment at the lack of user-friendliness of Flex Mode on Samsung’s most recent foldables. But after giving it some more thought, Samsung seems to be making a good trade-off by focusing on making the Z Fold resistant to dust.

With its foldable phones, Samsung has already set the standard for durability features. In 2021, it was able to add IPX8 water resistance to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3, and in 2020, it added Ultra-Thin Glass to the original Galaxy Z Flip. Providing the first certified dust-resistant folding phone in the world would go well with these previous accomplishments.

It would not only be a trophy for Samsung, but it would also be something that buyers of foldable phones should get for the money they spend. You would expect a normal phone to withstand a trip to the beach if you spent $1,600 on it. Even though Samsung claims that the brushes built into its current foldables’ hinges help keep particles out of the phones’ internals, that ought to be the case with foldables as well.

Naturally, Samsung shouldn’t forget about Flex Mode, especially considering that it has become somewhat of a standard feature on other leading foldable phones like the Honor Magic Vs, Google Pixel Fold, and the Oppo Find N2 and Flip. Beyond being a tablet and phone in one, foldables must continue to find new uses to justify their existence. However, innovation in this area may be delegated to the software team or put on hold while Samsung assures customers that its folding phones will last.

The only thing you can do is wait and watch what transpires at the now-confirmed launch event in late July as all of this is still based on an unsubstantiated rumour. You sincerely hope Samsung acts morally for the future of its foldable phones. Once consumers are aware that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and all upcoming models won’t malfunction due to a few specks of dust, other advancements may be made.

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