Professional Trader Network Short Selling Coaching For New Day Traders, Update

The platform’s latest launch expands its comprehensive syllabus of trading topics, arming subscribers with new skills to find consistency and larger returns in the stock market. MIC’s training model is built around its premium mentorship program and its popular chatroom – a thriving global hub of trading enthusiasts, united in their goal of achieving self-sufficiency in their trading practice.

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The announcement shares details of MIC’s state-of-the-art learning management system, delivered via one-to-one and group mentoring sessions with a panel of elite-level traders. These seasoned professionals have overseen millions of dollars worth of business during their careers and are now offering beginners the opportunity to learn and apply proven methods to their own practice.

According to Investopedia, short selling capitalizes on the mechanics of the market as it transitions from higher to lower prices. These strategies can provide a way to turn significant profits in both uptrends and downtrends. While many beginners are put off by the potentially huge losses that one incurs in shorting stocks, traders of all skill levels can add some powerful tools to their craft with the right kind of coaching and adequate risk management implementation.

The short-selling topics covered by MIC include how to open a margin account with a suitable brokerage, minimum balances as enforced by FINRA, broker fees, and minimizing risk by focusing trades on ETF or index securities.

Subscribers can also learn to spot and avoid the costly pitfalls of the ‘short-squeeze’. This occurs when a stock’s price rises sharply, causing short sellers to start closing out their positions. A feedback loop ensues when short sellers start buying back shares, increasing demand and pushing prices higher still. Shorting essentially bets against the market’s natural upward trend, with sellers attempting to capitalize on stocks that they predict will fall in value.

MIC mentors also explain concepts such as the ‘short interest ratio’ and the ‘short interest-to-volume ratio’, taking advantage of bear market conditions, and using technical indicators to identify trading candidates.

A spokesperson says, “The markets change constantly. Traders must stay on top of these changes and adapt to remain profitable which is difficult when most trading education services only provide outdated information and alerts. We provide our members with weekly cutting-edge training webinars to keep them up to speed on what’s working and what isn’t working anymore in the current market, today.”

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