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Palmetto Gourmet Foods was recently joined by NBA legend Alex English and Food Systems for the Future executive Maurice Cousin at the School Nutrition Associations Annual National Conference in Denver, Colorado. They joined forces at this years conference to voice a shared passion for providing students with proper nutrition and the power of diet to support student achievement.

Palmettos mission is to address food security challenges by developing highly nutritious and functional food products that are both affordable and sustainable. We are honored that Alex and Maurice were able to join us in our mission, said Reza Soltanzadeh, CEO and founder of Borealis Foods and subsidiary Palmetto Gourmet Foods. As the innovator and producer behind the worlds first high protein, organic ramen noodle, we are well positioned to launch a similarly nutritious and sustainable product for school systems a whole wheat ramen noodle that can provide delicious nutrition to students on a mass scale.

Denver Nuggets legend and Hall-of-Famer Alex English joined Palmetto at the conference to voice his long standing support of hunger-related causes. The former NBA player and coach, and now businessman and philanthropist, has dedicated many years to strengthening the fabric of communities and ensuring children and students have access to highly nutritious food.

On why this is so important to him, English shared, When I was an active NBA player years ago, I remember having a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with my family and watching on the evening news a report on Ethiopians in the northern part of the country going through a famine. It broke my heart to see these little babies and their families suffer through this. I wanted to help; I wanted to have an effect.

He continued, That year, as an All-Star player, I was able to get all of the other All-Star players to donate their game earnings to feed some of the people in northern Ethiopia. Every one of those players participated in the project. It was an enlightening, soul-touching experience. I feel that with this initiative we will again attempt to have an effect on starving people everywhere. I am humbled.

Said Maurice Cousin, Vice President of Global Special Projects, Food Systems for the Future (FSF), The alliance between FSF Institute and Palmetto Gourmet Foods conveys the importance of school nutrition in child development a partnership we're thrilled to bring to the leading annual school nutrition event, the School Nutrition Associations Annual National Conference. FSF Institute and Palmetto Gourmet Foods have a shared commitment to ensuring that our children receive the sustenance they need to thrive academically, physically, and emotionally and together, we are spearheading a transformative movement that not only nourishes our children's bodies but also nourishes their dreams, aspirations, and limitless potential.

Cousin added, The power in the School Nutrition Association Annual National Conference is the opportunity to inform, forge new connections, and leverage innovative solutions designed to address childhood hunger."

About Borealis Foods

Borealis Foods Inc. is an innovative food technology company with a mission to address global food security challenges by developing highly nutritious and functional food products with great flavor that are both affordable and sustainable. The company's focus on affordability and sustainability reflects its commitment to making a positive impact on both human life and the planet.

Privately held, Borealis Foods is due to complete its announced transaction with Oxus Acquisition Corp, and list on the Nasdaq in late 2023.

Through continuous research and development, and partnerships with other advanced food-tech companies, Borealis Foods has created ramen meals that are organic, vegan, vegetarian, Halal, Kosher, plant-based, egg and dairy free, non-GMO, MSG free, and TBHQ free, and are manufactured with recyclable packaging.

Borealis Foods is the innovator behind the worlds first high protein, organic ramen noodle. Made by subsidiary Palmetto Gourmet Foods, the Chef Woo Ramen brand and the popular Ramen Express Ramen brand are available nationwide in more than 15,000 stores, including major retailers such as Walmart and Costco. These products are also being exported coast-to-coast in Canada, with growing international demand. Palmetto Gourmet Foods, headquartered in Saluda, S.C., is one of the fastest-growing food plants in the U.S. and is the first American producer of innovative, sustainable, plant-based ramen noodles.

With a focus on sustainability, the company strives to partner with local and environmentally friendly suppliers and uses recyclable packaging. With its Chef Woo product, Palmetto Gourmet Foods has created an affordable, convenient, shelf-stable and planet-friendly instant protein meal that can help in the fight against protein malnutrition both domestically and on a world scale.

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