Chaplaincy In Private Education For Higher School Safety, Services Announced

The National School Chaplain Association (NSCA) has long dedicated itself to promoting the well-being and spiritual guidance of students, and now it is working actively to use its pastoral care and counseling services to improve school safety. With their new focus on strengthening school safety, the NSCA is training chaplains that can provide schools with the support they need to create a safe and secure environment for all students, staff, and the entire school community.

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The NSCA is now reworking its training programs and reconceiving of the way they, as an organization, work with school communities in the US in light of the growing and pressing need for safer schools. With over 74 people having been killed or injured by gun violence in American schools in the first three months of 2023, including young children, the NSCA believes schools need far more mental health and pastoral care.

Although the NSCA is a Christian denominational organization, their chaplains work in all private and public schools and with elementary, middle school and high school-aged children and adolescents. They believe that the combination of spiritual guidance and non-judgemental holistic welfare support they offer students can be a key tool in every school’s battle against violence.

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A spokesperson for the NSCA advisory board said, “Chaplains have the privileged opportunity to observe student behavior more holistically than teachers, counselors, or law enforcement. Conversations with chaplains are private. Therefore, students are more straightforward and sincere, not having to worry about what goes on their transcripts. Chaplaincy has also been proven to dissipate tension, resolve conflict and bring hope, making schools safer for the children they serve.”

As its Founder and CEO, Rocky Malloy, astutely asked, “Who doesn’t want safer schools?”

In addition to making schools safer, the NSCA is also confident that their accredited chaplains can help students discover their identity and their hopes and dreams for their future, giving them much-needed direction and positivity. They also excel in creating a more tangible sense of community, connection, and camaraderie amongst students and the broader school community, which has been proven to improve both the academic and emotional outcomes of students.

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